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Gray | An Exercise in Mindfulness

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this word?  Repeat it.  Gray.  Does it induce feelings?  Do you see the colour?  Does it cloud your judgement?  While black is the absence of colour and white is the combination of all colours, how does gray fit in?  Where on the spectrum is it? Are you?  Are you all colour or none at all?

Gray is often perceived as a negative.  Why?  Why does this in-between state need to be bad?  Can we switch up our point of view to see it as good?  Or maybe even just there.  A necessity that allows us to move through.  To move beyond the need to judge good or bad.

We often observed problems as black and white; the answer is this or that.  Is it ever really that simple?  Is one answer always the case?  Accepting gray; accepting that the answer lies not at the end; that it is not definitive but that it is situational.  That the answer to a problem depends on…

Finding peace in a state of change is what gray is all about.  Peace in the face of adversity.  There is no colour to cloud judgement and just enough light to see.  We can move through gray, within gray to live in contentment.

So you ask how?  How do we change the negative or if not change it accept it and learn from it?  Sit back…

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