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Yoga therapy is not just about exercise. Yoga Therapy aims to treat the entire individual for the individuals needs. A therapeutic yoga session may or may not include a physical practice. Every session is balanced to what the client needs. Below is a breakdown of the parts of Yoga Therapy.  

Yoga Therapy For Tourette Syndrome


When calming breath techniques are employed 3 or more times a week, the severity of tics associated with Tourette’s Syndrome is reduced.


Meditation is a proven stress and anxiety reduction tool that can provide relief of TS tics that are brought on or increased by stress.

Nutrition & Ayurveda

Many people afflicted by TS report a worsening of symptoms when particular foods are consumed.  By taking a closer look at diet and lifestyle we can determine intolerance's that lead to tics.

Yoga Asana

Having a physical practice 3 or more times a week gives the body a chance to physically  release tension by strengthening and lengthening normally unused muscles.

Teaching yoga for Tourette Syndrome

Sessions are offered online through zoom or google meet. If you would like information on in-person or group bookings please contact Jenn through email 

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Jennifer Heard PhD, CIAYT 
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