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Yoga & Breathing Therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic and personalized approach to health and wellness that combines traditional yoga practices with modern medical knowledge. It focuses on using yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness to address specific physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Unlike general yoga classes, yoga therapy is tailored to the individual’s unique needs, considering their health condition, lifestyle, and goals. It aims to alleviate symptoms, improve overall well-being, and promote self-awareness and self-care. Whether dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or other health challenges, yoga therapy offers a compassionate and effective path to healing and balance.

Breathing therapy, also known as breathwork or pranayama, is a powerful practice that emphasizes the importance of conscious and controlled breathing to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health. By focusing on various breathing techniques, breathing therapy helps to reduce stress, improve lung function, and balance the body’s energy systems. It can be used to manage anxiety, enhance concentration, and promote relaxation. This therapy is rooted in the understanding that the breath is a vital link between the body and mind, and by mastering it, individuals can achieve greater control over their overall well-being. Incorporating breathing therapy into your daily routine can lead to significant improvements in health and a deeper sense of inner calm and resilience.


It is recommended to book a 1 hour session for your initial consult follow-up's are often booked at 30 - 45 minutes depending on your health goals.

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Book Online 

Sessions are offered online through zoom. If you would like information on in-person or group bookings please contact Jenn through email 

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