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Pamela’s Gluten Free Oat-Up Bars | Product Review

On a recent visit to Toronto’s only pop-up gluten free food market (Gluten Free Garage) we received a bunch of samples.  Now as a person who enjoys baking I almost never buy cookies or bars.  Much preferring to bake my own, which enables me full control over quality of ingredients and how much sugar my kids get.  Of course sometimes us busy moms need some help in keeping the cupboards stocked, especially with a couple of teenagers in the house 🙂

What are Oat-Up Bars?

Made by Pamela’s Deliciously Gluten Free Products Oat Up bars are certified organic, gluten free and non-GMO.  Off to a good start but just because something holds all these designations doesn’t make it good or good for you.   On closer inspection the ingredients don’t disappoint offering no refined sugars or preservatives and whole ingredients.  I was pleasantly impressed.

What I Like/What I Don’t like

We tried out two flavors: Cinnamon Oatmeal and 2 Chocolate + Almonds

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

So overall these bars are a win but not an everyday snack due to high calorie count.  Small enough to carry in a purse for on the go snacking.  My biggest complaint is that both of these flavors contain ground nuts making them a giant NO for school lunches, the main reason I would purchase them.  However I will keep them on hand for those days when we are out on the town and are having trouble finding gluten free snacks.  With 2 Celiacs in the house easy, safe, filling, grab and go snacks come in quite useful.

I look forward to trying out some of Pamela’s other products in the near future!

Buying Advice

Purchase Pamela’s Products on Amazon 

If you have any allergies or sensitivities read all labels carefully.

Don’t be fooled by the small size they are quite filling and pack a calorie punch.  Comparable to most granola type bars on the market.

The Verdict

Pamela’s Oat-Up Bars

Yumm factor: 5/5

Dollar value: N/A received as a sample.  I will update this in the future once I have a price.

Buy Again: Yes

Health Benefits: N/A I would consider these bars a treat not a food and thus does not replace proper nutrition.  That said the ingredients are good and would absolutely recommend over a classic granola or breakfast bar.

Final Score: 4/5


This product was featured during the “Trip to the Health Food Store” segment of the Prescription for Flavor Podcast.  Listen here:

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