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Many times we push, we push for things we want not often for those that we need.  We push for the things that we think will be best for us.  We avoid those things that are hard.

Sometimes we are pushed; pushed into directions that we never thought we would end up in.  When this happens things tend to fall together in ways we never imagined.  3 years ago I never would have considered that I would be taking this direction.  My blog has been many things over years.  My focus has always been natural health, wellness and yoga.  Now I stray.

I stray for a number of reasons.  With all my years of academic study I know things; knowing is different than understanding.  These last 2 years have shown me firsthand how important food is.  Not just for physical health, which I knew, but for mental health.  In the summer of 2014 I found out, the hard way, that I have celiac disease.  That my body was slowly eating itself and that years of consuming wheat had damaged me.

Ok… easy enough, cut out wheat!  Right? Wrong!  Yes the alternatives are readily available, especially for a family like mine where we enjoy cooking.  Where we purchase local, fresh foods on a daily basis.  But what about the emotional aspects?  I was not prepared for this: the guilt, the feelings of being a burden, inadequate in so many ways…  I have become terrified of going out to eat.  It took me a year post diagnosis to visit at a friend’s house, where I refused to eat.

With all the bad there is good.  I now have an understanding to accompany my knowledge.  I can now relate in so many ways I couldn’t before.  So I have decided to take this blog in a new direction.

The past 2 years have been about healing.  Healing both physically and mentally.  Food is the key!  Not just something to nourish us.  For me and so many others food is an enemy.  I am still surprised at the places wheat (and wheat family grains) can hide.  So I have decided to make it my friend once more.  I invite you on this journey of discovery and this road to health.  After years of gluten eating away at my intestines it’s time to heal.  I will still post about yoga and general health as these are my main domain; but my main focus will be on how food can heal, not just for those who suffer from celiac disease but for everyone.

Please join me on this awesome healing food adventure!

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