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Cultivating Compassion for Others

Compassion for oneself is a huge fad right now.  That’s great!!  I think it should be.  We could all use a little more self-forgiveness, self-compassion.  I wonder though if we could spread this out to others.  I don’t mean your immediate circle.  I mean the world.

I find it hard to watch the news, follow media.  Where is our compassion when it comes to the stars?  Or to our competitive athletes?  This time as we close our eyes to take a breath let us breathe out compassion and understanding to those in the media.  The people that put their lives on display so that we have entertainment.  They deserve to know that we appreciate them.  That all their hard work is recognized.  We need to forgive their slight imperfections just as we would forgive them in ourselves and our circle of loved ones.  We must remember that fame is hard.  Would you like to have everyone watch every move you make? To report on when you go to the washroom?  I sure wouldn’t!

As you condemn Justin Beiber, or Selena Gomez or Lorde for being kids without limits think instead what if this was your son or daughter or cousin or friend? Would you not want to help them?  Or would you stand there and speak ill of them, that they USED to be good kids?    

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