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ASMR Vs. Chakra Activation

I have been been asked the following question multiple times lately so decided to write a formal answer!

Question: Is the feeling associated with ASMR the same thing as chakra stimulation?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has been described as an activation of the pleasure response; however there is no research on the subject.  It is felt, by some people, as a  pleasurable, tingling sensation at the back of the head and neck, more of an external, surface sensation.

Stimulation of individual chakras is not felt physically.  The results of chakra activation are seen in the mental state of a person.  I will not go into chakra characteristics here but it is an interesting read if you are curious J  What can be felt physically is the activation of Kundalini energy when it is allowed to flow freely throughout the body.

Personally I have experienced both kundalini rising and ASMR.  In my experience ASMR is an external kind of pleasurable feeling in the back of the neck and head.  Whereas Kundalini Awakening, is an internal pulling, pulsing feeling, like that of an electrical current running through the body, that heightens awareness bringing the individual towards bliss, Enlightenment.

The point of chakra activation is to balance the energy field of the body in order to bring health and healing both physically, mentally and spiritually.  Once the chakras are balanced kundalini can uncoil from the root chakra and make its up way through the body to escape through the crown chakra creating connection with the universal energy.

Perhaps ASMR can help a person on the path to awakened Kundalini…. But I believe they are a different  experience all together. 

With guided meditation the ASMR experience may occur as a result of the pleasure response being activated by the voice you hear; however it is awareness (mindfulness) of the union of breath, body, mind and spirit that will balance the chakras to allow awakening. 

Not to say that the feelings created with ASMR are not chakra stimulation.  Currently there is controversy as to whether ASMR actually exists; no one can say for sure what the feeling is or how it is created.

I leave this up to you.  What do you think?  Have you ever experienced the sensation of Kundalini awakening?  The experience is entirely personal, we will each feel it differently.  

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