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A Meditation on Courage

My life in general has been very hectic lately which means the things i enjoy doing (such as writing) get left behind until the things that need to be completed are done…or least have a handle on! There are things, such as meditation, that never get set aside.

While generalized meditation has always been a part of my morning routine now and then I like to check in with my mental state. Being that I tend towards a Vatic constitution the change of seasons can leave me a bit frazzled. Spring and fall are when I like to do a little chakra work. The few weeks of spring dedicated to the seven chakras. This year I was working downwards in order to manifest the things I require and the things I want.

While I firmly believe that life is what we make it I do like to listen to the wisdom of the universe. So I have to warn you while I tend to keep this site on the scientific side of things there is a part of me that is dedicated to the intuitive; thus the following paragraph may seem a bit out there to some of you 😉

Confession…I own a deck of oracle soul coaching cards. They are not meant to foresee the future nor do I use them to guide my life. When working with my chakras I find that they are a help to understanding things that may arise out of meditation. This morning I was feeling a deeper connection (maybe because I finally got a full night sleep) LOL.  I normally do a 3 card draw to signify what is blocked, how to overcome that blockage and what this cleansing will lead to. For some reason a fourth card seemed to jump from the deck (crazy right) here is the order in which my cards were drawn. PURIFICATION – MIRACLES – BEGINNINGS – COURAGE (my mysterious 4th card) After some consideration I realized that they fit into a circle with the fourth card as a link between them. Now this is a familiar element for myself and I’m sure for many of you as well. See I lack courage. Fear has been the central theme of my life. I have come to realize that all of my decisions to this point have been guided by fear. I always settle for the boring; that which I can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I CAN do. I never question logic. While my gut may be the start of something I only follow through when there is no doubt left.  When a feeling strikes I have to take the time to examine it from every side until it is fully understood; only then do I act.

I can’t tell you how many projects I have begun but never finished solely because I believed I/it was not good enough. For myself and all of you just like me it’s time for this to end. Time to take control and allow inner strength to guide and when that fails to have courage to ask for what is needed; either from loved ones or the universe.

This months meditation will focus on grounding in order to lift up and out of the shadows. To hold onto courage so that we are open to the miracles happening all around us that will lead to new beginnings.  These beginnings must be fueled by courage so that there can be follow through.


Find a comfortable position in an uncomfortable place. Today we are working on the edge of fear. Perhaps you find a seat in your front garden or a public park. A comfortable chair in the middle of the mall. No matter were it is make sure you can sit tall or even stand find a zone of comfort in the uncomfortable surrounding.

Connect with the ground. Feel each place where your body touches a surface. Breathe into these places. Press downward with your muscles. First tightening then, slowly allowing the body to settle, the muscles begin to relax. Take slow steady breaths in through the nose and out through the nose. If it is not possible to close the eyes allow them to be downcast; lose focus. Be with the breath, breathing deeply into the areas that connect to a surface.

As this deep connection to the earth grows allow the crown of the head to pull upwards. softening the muscles of the face. As the bottom part of your body firms down the upper portion becomes lighter; the breath is long, steady and smooth. Pulled from the depths of the abdomen. When you feel this pull of opposites; bottom grounding, upper floating begin to breathe with purpose. On the inhales silently say courage on the exhales, purity.  By breathing in courage and exhaling purity we slowly release what is holding us back replacing it with what is needed to move forward. The in breath becomes a place where growth can occur. We can become open to new beginnings. Breathing out purity we recognize the fact that all of our intuitive thoughts come from a place of perfection. And now is the time to act.  

Purification leads to miracles which create new beginnings, beginnings are a type of purification… All of which require a great deal of courage. So this month and perhaps for the season my meditation practice will focus on this idea of courage as a central theme to creation. I encourage you to meditate on this wheel as well. See what comes up for you.

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