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5 Natural Whey Protein Powder Alternatives | Guest Post

Whey protein powder is and has been for a long time a staple of many people’s diet. It’s practical, cheap and most often tasty. Still, since whey contains lactose, it can be very unpleasant to consume for the lactose-intolerant and be forbidden by vegans. For those of you who prefer not to use whey protein, here are 5 natural alternatives to get your protein intake up!

  1. RAW Organic Meal

From Garden Of Life, this organic meal replacement shake, made from 13 raw sprouted ingredients, has 20 grams of protein per serving with only one gram of sugar. 44 superfoods are included in each scoop, all equaling only 120 calories. It also contains 6 grams of fiber, 7 grams of fat and even probiotics. Garden Of Life RAW Organic Meal is a perfect option when time is tight and you need to fill up quickly. 4 flavors are available: Chocolate Cacao, Original (Unflavored), Vanilla Spiced Chai and Vanilla.

  1. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70

The hemp plant, although feared for a long time for its association with the cannabis plant, is nowadays a very popular food item. Manitoba Harvest proposes many hemp products, and this protein powder is an excellent proof of their dedication. With 20 grams of protein per serving, Hemp Pro 70 is a perfect option for vegans since it is entirely plant-based. With only 140 calories per scoop, it is excellent for a light post-workout shake. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 comes in three flavors: Original, Vanilla and Chocolate.

  1. Ground Based Protein Superfood Protein

Voted the number 1 best-tasting plant-based protein, this protein powder is soy, dairy and whey-free. With no sugar at all, it is a perfect option for those of you on a cut or on a keto diet. 20 grams of protein are included in every scoop coming from Ground-Based’s own protein blend made from pea, sacha Inchi (a dark-colored nut), cranberry and brown rice protein. It features a great amount of vitamins and minerals. Each serving is 120 calories. Ground Based Protein is a slightly expensive but high-quality protein powder that will satisfy your needs and your taste buds!

  1. MRM Veggie Elite

This pea and rice-based protein powder is an excellent alternative for people with celiac-disease since it is entirely gluten-free. With 24 grams of protein per serving, it has the highest protein-per-serving of the 5 products listed. Being plant based, it is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. The very low carbohydrate content makes this protein powder quickly digestible, so it is perfect for recovery after  an intense workout. MRM Veggie Elite comes in two flavors: Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Bean.

  1. Vega One™ All-in-One Shake

With 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per scoop, All-in-One Shake is an excellent whey alternative. Made from hemp, sacha inchi and pea protein, it is entirely vegan-friendly. Like the RAW Organic Meal, it features a good amount of probiotics in each serving, which boosts your immune system and helps balance your gut flora. The Vega One™ All-in-One Shake come in an impressive 7 flavors: Mocha, Coconut Almond, French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai, Natural, Berry and Chocolate.

All in all, even vegans, lactose-intolerant and celiac-disease-attained people can count on new products to help them attain their goals, whether it is to gain muscle or shed some pounds. Every product on this list is a great alternative to whey protein powder and can be used the same way.


Here are some links to the products’ websites:


Simon Dufour

Guest Blogger

About the Author

My name is Simon Dufour and I am a health and fitness freelance writer. Feel free to contact me and follow me on Twitter!


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