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Review: Companies that Give Back

In this unstable time compassion is the key to sanity and ultimately peace.  With entire nations of people banned, dollars falling and discord between neighbors this is the time to stand up, to speak up, about what we believe in.

Personally I believe in peace.  I believe that we are all brothers and sisters.  That in times of crisis we need to stand by, not turn away, from those in need, from those on the edge.  A bit of compassion, a helping hand, can make a huge difference in life.  It can take a person off the edge of that high-rise. 

But what can we, as individuals, do?  The act does not have to be big to make the difference.  We can start by letting those in need know we are here to help.  Small donations to local charities, sustainable purchases, supporting small businesses; worldwide not just in our home towns.  With this beautiful thing called the internet we are able to reach out and support our brothers/sisters in what used to be far off places.  We can make purchases, chose products, from companies that give back.

My 3 Picks of Compassionate Companies

There are so many fantastic people out there.  So many small businesses that aim to give back to their communities and abroad.  Three is just not enough, but space is limited so here are just a few of the amazing people doing wonderful things.

Mahi Leather

Their products are individually made to order by local craftsmen; without the middleman or large factories fair wages are paid for exceptional workmanship.  The Mahi River is a sacred river that runs through India; a place where millions of people reside without clean water.  Mahi Leather donates $1.50 of every sale to FRANK Water, a UK charity that provides clean water to those in need.  To date they have given clean water access to over 300 000 people.  This is truly a sustainable product and company.

Project 7

Goodies to feed the belly and the soul.  Project 7 sells gourmet gums, gummies and clusters.  Proceeds from every purchase go to their 7 projects aimed at making the world a better place.

  1. Feeding the hungry

  2. Healing the sick

  3. Education

  4. Anti-bullying programs

  5. Clean drinking water

  6. Housing the homeless

  7. Planting trees

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a socially conscious company that provides designer eyewear at affordable prices.  The best part?  For every pair of glasses they sell a pair is donated to people in need.  15% of the world’s population lack the funds for adequate eye-care; Warby Parker trains people to give proper eye exams around the world.  Over 2 millions pairs of glasses have been distributed to people in need around the world!


Every day we make purchases; some for things that are needed but mostly for things that we want.  Switching to companies that give back to communities in need spreads love and support.  By being socially conscious we can provide for our brothers and sisters we have yet to meet.

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