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Hippie Foods, Nearly Naked Review

Nearly Naked Coconut Clusters

These little coconut clusters come from the good people a Hippie Foods of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.  Nearly Naked are clusters of coconut, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds with a hint of sweet just this side of salty.  Happily the ingredients are all organic and certified gluten free!

Meant as a light snack it’s really hard not to down the whole bag in one sitting.  Serving size is half a cup or about 19 g in a 56 gram bag it takes a whole lot of will power if you don’t want to blow your fat for the day in one shot.  Each serving contains 10 g of fat and only 6 g of carbohydrates.  I suggest grabbing the half cup and putting the bag away! Outta sight, outta mind 🙂

What I Like/What I Don’t like

Love the flavour!  Seriously great balance of sweet with salty.  The toasted coconut is of course the dominating flavour so if you don’t like coconut, move on!  Like it, then you’ll love this.  I have had other coconut snacks that tend to be a bit on the stale side with a slight chewy, hurt the jaw, kind of texture.  NOT so here.  These snacks are tender and crunchy and sort of melt in the mouth.  Up until 2 years ago I was not so into coconut; then we took a trip to Maui where I discovered toasted coconut snacks at a local market.  Since then I have been on a hunt for the perfection that was fresh toasted coconut.  This is the first time since then that I have been satisfied.  Though not the same this little bag does the trick to quench the craving.

While this nutty fruit does have a lot of fat; it contains the healthy lipid lauric acid which naturally provides defense against bacterial and viral infections.  Lauric acid is also a healthy fat that help to increase HDL and lower LDL (the bad cholesterol).  When digested the fatty acids in coconut produce ketone bodies that can be used by the brain as fuel.  This is of utmost importance to those suffering from alzheimer’s and other brain function conditions.  In countries where coconut is a food staple there is very little to no incidence of heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol!  Of course this does not mean you can go out and eat 3 bags a day 🙂  It does mean you can enjoy that serving knowing you are doing something good for your body!

nearly naked review

The Verdict

Nearly Naked Coconut Clusters

Yumm factor: 5/5

Dollar value: 4/5

Buy Again: Yes – looking forward to trying some of their other products!

Health Benefits: No artificial ingredients

Final Score: 9/10


This product was also reviewed on the Prescription for Flavor podcast.  It was the first time Adam and I tried this delish snack.  Listen in HERE.

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