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Natural Jenn
Mindful Health & Wellness

Mindfulness based Nutrition, Counselling and Health Coaching for individuals and groups. 

Learn what mindful eating is & how it can 

help you develop healthy eating habits.

My goal is provide the highest quality care to help you achieve your nutritional health goals. 

12 Week Mindful Eating Journal is now in print!

Get your paperback or hardcover copy today.

Or download your digital copy HERE

Mindful Health Coaching

Mindful health coaching is about empowering patients to improve thier health & wellbeing by encouraging purposeful lifestyle changes.

Mindful Nutrition

Mindful nutrition is not about counting calories or limiting macronutrients. It is about listening to what the body needs to bring balance to the complete system.

Mindfulness On Location

Wellness workshops, group health coaching, mindfulness based health talks & yoga therapy instruction.



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Nutrition Programs & Courses

Want to learn about health while taking positive action towards your goals? Then these programs are the perfect place to start.

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