Herbs and Vegetables

What is planted in each persons soul will sprout
- Rumi -

Health is an ever changing landscape with a delicate balance that is affected by every experience, food, emotion that we encounter. Food, exercise and mental health all hold equal weight but modern medicine believes differently. The idea that we treat symptoms does not allow for optimal health. When we balance the entire being we can truly heal preventing chronic pain, illness and disease. I believe in taking control of your own health and treating the entire person by teaching you how to listen to your body and do what is right for your unique constitution. 

Mindfulness Based Wellness

Healthy Food

Mindful Nutrition

Mindful nutrition is about discovering your unique nutritional needs and combing them with your likes/dislikes to create a balanced dietary lifestyle in pursuit of optimum health.


Mindful Counseling

General mindfulness based counselling services offers you gentle guidance, a sympathetic ear or just need a sounding board to help you find emotional balance.

Reiki Treatment

Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy

This is not your classic gym yoga. Yoga Therapy is a gentle way to heal the body, mind & spirit. For some, therapy is just breathwork, for others it is physical movements or many variations between. Every session is unique to the individuals whole health needs.

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