Welcome to my site! I'm Jenn, yoga therapist and health educator. My site has always been dedicated to healthy living through nutrition, yoga and mindfulness, and it still is. Several years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease; as a lover of food and constantly trying new things this was devastating. Over the years I have learned that it doesn't have to be. In fact I enjoy life more now 🙂 Having gluten taken away has left me in better health and broadened my scope of possibilities; here you will find answers and perhaps inspire new questions on living a healthier lifestyle. Through yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation I encourage awareness which will help to bring balance so that each and everyone one of us can take control of our health in order to lead happier, healthier lives. And of course I believe that love is the key! I welcome all comments and questions. Let's build a healthier community together 🙂 <3
Jennifer Heard PhD, E-RYT