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Overcoming Challenges: BELLY 02

A year ago hubby and I were brainstorming branches for our business. BELLY magazine was one of the ideas presented. As soon as he said the name my brain took off, idea after idea for different columns. By June I had a few writers lined up, myself included, and in October the first issue was born!

After an incredible reception in the gluten free community we decided to continue this project! I applied for a small start-up grant to help with the costs. Who knew a digital magazine could cost SO much to start?! Happily I was approved for a digital periodical grant to cover the base costs.

6 months have gone by since the first issue went live, with our original goal as 4 issues a year; you can imagine that we were a bit disappointed with this timeframe. Re-assessing the work involved we decided that twice a year was the goal... for now!

BELLY 02's overarching theme is overcoming challenges. Our amazing writers, 3 of which returned from issue 01 and you will see them again in issue 03, came up with some incredible stories. From dealing with health burnout to the mental roller-coaster of living with autoimmune disease this issue is full of great advice!

My hubby/chef is the brilliant mind behind many of the recipes and he personally curates all of our submitted recipes to ensure not only delicious food but also food that fits into dietary restrictive diets.

I don't want to give too much away, best you read for yourself... the magazine is free to read at

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun putting it all together. If you are interested in submitting an article or recipe please reach out!

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