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The Space Between | Mindful Thoughts

Sometimes I think too much; we all do!  Ever had one of those days?  Where the mind won’t stop racing.  Where it seems like every thought that has ever been is in your head right now; all at once.  It was one of those days when I opened my email, late last night, and saw the “daily post” word of the day.  Now if you don’t know what that is, it’s a daily writing challenge.  Every morning you get a word (or phrase) to write about.  Sounds easy right?  Haha!  While I do not normally use this to create blog posts as it is intended I do use this daily for new topics to lead yoga or meditation classes.

Moving on!  Back to yesterday.  I did not see this email until late last night; at which point I thought, perfect!!!

When we open our eyes we see things.  When we look around we see things.  Things are all around us; visible to the eye, tangible to the touch.  Conventional wisdom teaches us to see each object as a thing.  A thing that will aid us in some magical way.  Plates hold food to eat, cups liquids to drink, the vase on the table holds flowers to brighten the room.  We give every “thing” a purpose; whether it needs one or not.

Look at this flower.

What do you see?  Do you see a flower?  Of course because I told you to look at the flower.  Perhaps you named the flower; identified it in some way relatable to you, by colour, by texture, geography.  The more we know about an object the more of an object it becomes.

Look at this picture.

What do you see?  Magnified the flower may not appear to be a flower any longer.  We see the contours, the lines, the hills and valleys.  This is the same image as above just magnified.  You may have already guessed this and upon first look still identified it as the flower.

Today I ask you to look beyond.  To go inside the chaos and see the possibilities of what could be.  We see things, we look at objects in terms of what they can do for us.  The object is the prize!  Or is it?  That big house down the street that we are all trying to get.  “Once I get that promotion, I can buy the big house”.  The house is a magical prize that will make life better in some way.  Will it?  Will daily activities change?  Will siblings fight less?  Will the dishes from last night’s dinner take care of themselves?  Once moved and settled life goes on.  Just now with more debt!  The thing is NOT the prize.  No instead the space between the objects, between the homes, between the petals, is the prize.

It is here in this space that we can live, love, learn, laugh, cry, get angry…  This is where real life happens.  The spaces between objects is where real magic can come alive.  When life gets hairy look between.  See the beauty of space.  Recognize that space holds potential possibilities and those are endless.

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