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Space | A Mindfulness Challenge

This month I challenge you to see space instead of obstacles.

Space allows for possibilities.  Do you see the forest, or the trees?  A forest appears like a giant wall, standing tall and solid against a brilliant sky; insurmountable.   The forest is full of dark, scary places where any evil may be lurking.  Is it better to just avoid?

But!  The forest contains trees; each unique in their own beauty.  Showing signs of stress and success.  They are smaller objects in your path that can be moved around; sometimes with ease and sometimes with great effort (think fallen trees that must be climbed over).  While it may feel daunting, from inside the forest is not so scary we can move past each tree as it comes up.

Though obstacles ae many, light forever visible Greatness Lies in the Journey

There is one last choice though; that we often overlook.  There is space.  Sure this is the space that we move through while seeing each tree.  But is it possible to see the space instead of the trees?  To focus the eyes on the nothing.  In this way, the way ahead remains always clear.  There exist no boundaries.  Everything becomes possible.  Everything becomes acceptable.  We can tune into the moment; allow the senses to guide.  Everything we need to complete the journey is within.  We just have to empower it.  Give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.  So that each imagined obstacle disappears.



Flower Gazing: This meditation requires a flower, real or fake but something tangible to hold and gaze into.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and sit in a space and position, where you feel at ease.

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