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Twisted breath
Jennifer Heard PhD

Twisted breath

Building from the basic breath, the twisted breath is used to stretch the intercostal and spinal muscles providing more room for a full 360 diaphragmic breath. To do: from a seated position bring feet slightly wider than hip distance apart, firmly planted into the ground. Sitting up tall check your posture ensuring that knees are over ankles, shoulders over hips and ears are in alignment with shoulders, chin level to the ground. Slightly turn chest towards right knee (leading with the sternum). Do not twist as far as you can, the chest should be at a slight angle with the shoulders broad keep chin over sternum, do not turn the head. Inhale fully, exhale as you tuck the tailbone under pulling belly button in and up, flattening the lower spine. Inhale by releasing the tailbone back to a neutral position or if you have enough space in your body extend the tailbone out behind exaggerating the curvature of the lower back. Letting the abdomen expand out over the right thigh. Complete 5-10 breaths here then turn towards the left completing the same number of breaths. Please note that one side may be easier than the other. If this is the case, make sure to do the number of breaths that is easy on the harder side. i.e. if the left side feels tighter and you get fatigued after 5 breaths only do 5 breaths on the right side. Get to know your body. If your left side is tighter than start on this side so that you can keep the body even. As the muscles lengthen you can increase the range of motion and the number of breaths. Always working with the weakest side as the guide.