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Managing Tourette Syndrome with Yoga

The purpose of my study was to show an alternative method for treating Tourette Syndrome; yoga practice combined with a controlled diet. Yoga, meditation and breath technique, when used correctly, can reduce the occurrence/frequency of misfires by the central nervous system. The regular practice of yoga will strengthen and support the small muscles which help support/control the body. Meditation eases the mind, brings focus and teaches control of the body. Breath technique ensures proper oxygenation of the small & large muscle groups

By giving people choice in therapy they can reduce the need for pharmaceutical control of motor tics associated with Tourette’s. The drugs currently being used for treatment cause a large number of adverse side effects that can reduce quality of life, cause physical damage to major organs, lead to alternate syndromes which themselves are then medicated, further complicating things. My book “Yoga Therapy for the Management of Tourette Syndrome” looks at yoga, meditation, breath and diet as they relate to Tourette’s control. This work shows glimpses of actual people and how Yoga Therapy helped them. There are basic yoga poses, meditations and breath techniques that can be done at home by most people. It is my hope that this work provides an alternative to pharmaceuticals and brings a measure of relief.

Yours in Health, Peace & Joy Dr. Jennifer Heard DNM, DHS, RYT

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