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Hello and welcome to the Prescription for Flavor Podcast where we dish up everything food and health! Your hosts, Jenn and Adam, have a long history of “food for flavor” versus “food for health” battles. Here we will share our thoughts, ideals and wisdom with you!  Laugh, argue and maybe even cry (from laughter) as Adam cooks up ingredients for me (Jenn) to taste, we might even make this vegetarian eat meat!

From time to time special guests will make an appearance!  We hope to converse with chefs, health experts, business owners and others who have a passion for food and health.  If you would like to be on the show or have a suggestion for a topic please drop us a line!  We are constantly on the lookout for exciting, health promoting products to sample and review.  Give us your suggestions 🙂

New episodes are posted to soundcloud every Tuesday and Thursday search for us on any of your favorite podcast apps.

If you are super awesome and would like to support this podcast find Prescription for Flavor on Patreon.  Depending on your level of support you will receive bonus episodes, behind the scenes footage, posts, pics and more!

Links to the podcast:

Prescription For Flavor Podcast

Listen Now!

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