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Review of Corona Del Mar Paleo Tea by Newport Skinny Tea

As I have said in the past I LOVE tea!  Can’t get enough; hot, iced, room temperature…that lonely cup lost and forgotten I will find it and allow it to reach its full potential 🙂

I don’t buy into fads, never buying just because the newest star says “it’s to die for”.  When deciding what exactly to eat and drink for myself and family I consider all aspects:

Health – What are the benefits, if any?  What are the downfalls?  Can this hurt us in any way, by containing unnatural ingredients?

Cost – Is this cost effective, meaning can I make it myself for the same or better price?  I am a full on do-it-your-selfer you know!

Taste – Yeah I need it to taste good otherwise the first two are irrelevant for the rest of my clan.

That said this is a review of Corona Del Mar Paleo Lean Tea by Newport Skinny Tea.  When I first heard about this I thought “Oh no not another fad, loose weight quickly, gimmick drink”.  Upon further inspection I was very happy with the ingredient list: Red Clover Blossoms, Papaya Leaf, Calendula Flowers, Spearmint Leaf, Green Roobios Tea, Orange Peel, Blackberry Leaf, Lavender Flowers, Stevia Leaf.

All of these ingredients are actually healthy and cleansing except of course stevia which is added only for the sweetness.  Thus leading to my only complaint: stevia.  Yeah not a fan.  Honestly I am a purest and do not enjoy my tea sweetened.  I have to give it to Newport Skinny Tea though, it is well blended and not overpoweringly sweet.  (though personal preference says leave out the sweetener even if it is natural)

Upon opening the package I was pleasantly surprized by the magnificent fragrance and by the quality ingredients (whole flowers and leaves no powder here)!  Seriously love the smell!  So I was very excited to brew my first cup.  I was not disappointed.  You know those teas that smell amazing then you brew it and it tastes like water so the next cup you double the amount of tea only to find that the flavour does not match the smell.  Well this is not one of those.

IMG_6666 small

The tea has a beautiful floral aspect with a hint of mint.  A perfect balance of lavender and calendula.  I can honestly say I have looked forward to my evening cup every day this week.

Now 10 days in to consuming a cup every night I have not shed any weight or noticed any of the other health effects Newport claims.  Of course that was not my reasoning for trying out this product.  As a Natural Health expert I can attest to the value of consuming these ingredients on a regular basis, and I do.  In fact the week before receiving this tea I wrote a post on daily detox, read it HERE.  Which is probably why I did not immediately notice any benefits.

This is a tea I will keep on hand for the winter months when edible flowers, fresh greens and herbs are scarce.  Keeping the kidneys clean are of utmost importance to keeping system balance in-check.  Sort of like the 3 month oil change for your car!  If the kidneys are bogged down the blood is not cleansed, waste can build up leading to a reduction of immune system function, bloating, fatigue, headaches and a host of other issues.  So I leave you with my final verdict…

The Verdict

Final points: 8/10

Yumm factor: 9/10 lost, 1 point for sweetness

Dollar value: on par, a bit expensive if consuming daily so, 7/10

Buy Again: Yes

Family Rating: 4/5 (4 out of 5 of us liked it)

Health Benefits: 8/10 fresh is always best but a good cup of quality dried tea packs a punch.

Buy this tea on and others by Newport Skinny Tea Here

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