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Natural Jenn Update : A Directional Shift

Over the past month we have been working hard on developing direction.  While I have always offered you, my beloved readers, healthy facts, delicious nutritious recipes and mindful thoughts; our other media sites have been a mess of, well, just about everything.  We (my husband and I) have decided to lineate our thinking.  To choose a direction and run with it.  Here on Natural Jenn some of you may never notice a difference.  I have tried to stay neutral on natural health and healing, offering facts that are intended to help everyone.  After all this site is pre-celiac disease diagnosis.  

With my recent diagnosis (3 years ago) I have realized that while Gluten Free is trending it is still difficult for those with celiac disease.  Many people believe gluten free to be a choice and thus do not take it seriously when we say “it has to be GF or else I get sick; REALLY sick”.  Hence the slight shift.  This site will continue to offer awesome health facts and delicious nutritious recipes, intended for everyone, while taking on a celiac disease undertone.

Everything from this point on will be Gluten Free (all recipes already are).  My husbands partner site,, will also be Gluten Friendly.  He has decided to make all cooking videos GF or GF convertible.  He will offer 2 new video series (to be launched April 1, 2017) one entitled “Wheat Sucks” which is exactly how it sounds,  completely GF, and Adam Cooks Everything (ACE) which will look at recipes from around the world, classics and the odd weird ingredient.  These will include recipes that are naturally GF and those that can be be easily converted.  While he may say all purpose flour you can be sure that on camera he is in fact using my GF flour blend.

Together we hope to bring awareness about celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity while offering those of us with the disease delicious foods that we can enjoy with non-GF friends and family without the disclaimer!

Please email me with questions or comments.  What would you like to see, read, hear… I am always looking for new topics.

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