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My Love Affair With Tea!

Weight loss, cancer prevention, heart health, antioxidants, youthful skin….

This list seems endless when we get into the health benefits of tea consumption.  Blog posts, news articles and even medical journals have these bases covered; several times over!  Instead, today let’s have a cup, for no better reason than pure enjoyment! 

Right now, as I write this, I am enjoying a cup of Jasmine Green Tea.  Why?  Why not?  I woke up, in this part of the world the day is grey (I hesitate to say gloomy because I actually love spring rain) my hazy walk into the kitchen presents me with an array of teas.  How do I choose?  Feeling.  Simple as that I look without reading and reach out.  What enters my hand is this floral beauty.  Hmmmm fitting for this rainy spring day!  Here are my musings on the 3 main teas that adorn my tea chest(s).

Green Tea

green tea small

Green Tea, no matter the variety this tea offers a load of antioxidants that help fight cancer, support a healthy heart and improve brain function. This super food also offers a natural energy boost with fat burning properties that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The catechins in green tea help fight bacteria and certain viral strains. What’s not to love?! Enjoy some today!

Green ranges from a delicate white with light notes of soft flavors to a full bodied robust gun metal, tangy, earthy some might say bitter flavours.  With its many variations green can be quite temperamental!

A delicate white, light in colour light in flavor is joy in a cup.  The first sip is like a kiss from a fairy; a beautiful unexpected present that leaves you feeling as if everything is within reach.  It brightens and lightens wispy like the first blooms of spring.  I come to this tea looking for inspiration.

Deeper green, tangy with sweet notes of fresh greens provide the opportunity to seize the day.  To take hold and take charge.  Every ounce bursting with energy.

Black Tea

black tea small

While not all teas are created equal all black teas do offer a range of health benefits. Proof? The past couple decades have provided us with numerous research papers/presentations into the marvels of tea. Here are a few that have been found to be related to Black Tea: Mental alertness, reduction of kidney stone formation, blood sugar regulation, cholesterol reduction, detoxification from free radicals. Enjoy a quality cup today!

Comfort and direction is why I choose a black tea.  For me a deep orange, brewed at least 5 minutes, with a shot of milk, is love in a cup.  My grandmother would sweeten such a cup to provide strength at the end of a hard day, warmth and comfort when feeling ill.  So now I turn to black when things require an eye of compassion.  In need of direction?  A nice Earl Grey does the trick!  Looking for a little romance?  The rich eastern flavors of a robust chai will do nicely!

Red Tea (Rooibos)

red tea small

Cancer prevention and heart health are popular research topics into the health benefits of tea and this African red bush does not disappoint. Further research has given us the skin attributes! Red bush or rooibos tea offers anti-aging properties, an effective treatment for eczema, and a great stomach soothing ability. Tea from this bush can be safely used to calm a colicky infant, washing with cooled tea helps to relieve diaper rash! Mothers who drink rooibos while nursing have infants with healthier skin that stay rash free! I can personally attest to this one. As a person with sensitive skin my children did too. Diaper rash was a huge issue for baby number 1 with 2 and 3 I drank at least 1 cup a day and the other 2 stayed rash free as long as I nursed! Soothe your soul and your skin! Have a cup today!

Not technically a tea, rooibos is a sweet addition to my tea box.  Delicate yet hardy this fits right in the middle!  One of my favorite teas to decorate.  This red bush tea can be light and inspiring as is or textured with flowers, uplifting with added notes of citrus while mint cools and soothes, add a little spice to heat things up!  All this embellishments only adds to, never subtracting from the steadfast earthy qualities that keep you grounded.

Go ahead and enjoy a cup today.  Packed full of health benefits, warming, soothing, cooling, refreshing…there is a tea perfect for every mood; there ready to satisfy your every craving!

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