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Mindfulness Curriculum Training

Teaching children mindfulness techniques helps them concentrate better in class, increases attention span, promotes empathy and increases motor awareness.  Classrooms that promote mindfulness have found increased participation, less sick days and a better overall feeling of happiness throughout the school, with less incidence of bullying.

KW Yoga Therapy and Jennifer Heard DNM, DHS, RYT now offer:

Mindfulness Training 

for Children and Teachers

Dr. Jennifer Heard DNM, DHS, RYT delivers mindfulness in a fun and easy to understand method appropriate for ages 4 through adult.  Activities are based on grade level, keeping in mind child developmental stages.

Jenn offers:

  1. · In-class mindfulness training to students at every grade level

  2. · Mindfulness workshops for teachers and teacher’s assistants.   

  3. · Small group trainings for special needs children

  4. · Yoga for classrooms

To bring mindfulness to your school contact Dr. Jenn today!  

Jennifer travels english speaking countries around the world promoting mindfulness, yoga and meditation.  Contact her for travel pricing or to arrange workshops, retreats or seminars.

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