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Merry Christmas!

The holiday season is full of wonder, joy and of course stress!  During any holiday period it is important to boost our immune systems, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.  Easy enough to say but how do we accomplish this?

Each of us has our own unique way to deal with stresses of the season, what works for me may not work for you.  It is important to realize your limits and understand your pressure points, so that you know when to step back and take a breath.

1) Drink plenty of water!  During the holidays we all tend to eat too many fats and salts, drink too many alcoholic and sweetened drinks.  These things are dehydrating and toxic to our systems.  Water replenishes our bodies, moves toxins out of our blood and lymph streams and aids digestion. 

2) Quite time: The American Psychological Association recommends time away to yourself during times of stress.  “All of us need time to recharge our batteries—by slowing down you will actually have more energy to accomplish your goals”. 

3) Delegate!  You are one person, if you have too much to accomplish in one day enlist the help of your family.  Even little children can help, my daughter loved folding napkins when she was 2!  It may not have been perfect but everyone appreciated the different “animals” at each place setting J!

4) Look for the silver lining.  Instead of focusing on what went wrong, look for the things that have gone right.  Remember this is a time for joy, no one will remember the forgotten cranberries but they will remember the good feelings of being with loved ones during the holidays. 

May all of you have a wondrous Holiday Season!


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