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Anodea Judith’s latest book takes us on a physical journey across the chakra planes. Her words dance like magic across the mind taking you deeper into a brand new practice space.

Whether you have been practicing yoga for a few days or a century this book allows for a deeper, physical understanding and connection to the chakra system. 

Opening this book is the perfect place for beginner and seasoned practitioners alike to find more. In general Anodea Judith has a beautiful written “voice”. Words join together into a joyful dance of characters that make you want to get up and move. Chakra yoga spins a tale of such depth that the heart is called to rejoice in the physical wonders of yoga asana. Taking the physical deeper into a plane where the mind and body connect on levels beyond reason.

As each chakra is touched, the movements bring about a balance of the senses that leave you feeling at peace, grounded yet full of space. I greatly encourage the reader to go through each posture sequence of a particular chakra several times until, by the 3rd to 5th time the body moves intuitively. It is here that you will gain the greatest benefit and truly allow the body and mind to open to the sensations of the chakra balancing act.

Whether you believe it or not the Chakra’s help to map our lives. The things we want to change, those we want or need to embrace can be found in this map. Breath and movement set to a particular idea, thought, intention help us break down barriers, building acceptance and understanding so that we may go forth and share the goodness within.

Don’t just read this book; keep it beside your mat. Take the extra time in private practice to read and do and read some more. Every sentence has the ability to bring new insight, a deeper understanding and greater love of the self.

If you don’t already have a copy of Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith find it here.

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