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A Path to Good Health

What is it about paths? I can never resist a great path picture; this one was taken on a family trip through Alabama.  People aim for symmetry, straight lines, a direct route through the unknown.  In nature nothing is straight, symmetry does not exist.  The lines where human creation meets natural creation are jagged. 

The above picture shows a path made of natural and un-natural ingredients: the walls and floor are made of natural stone, held together with man-made concrete.  The seams crack and break around nature but the stones hold their own; they remain strong and supportive.  Why do we push so hard to make things perfect when nature has already provided the perfect tools?    

“Walk the Path”?

Let us consider health:  The path to good health is in you, you make all the decisions on what goes into your body.  When you fill it with nutritious, natural foods you create a strong, stable path to good health.  When you build the path out of man-made synthetic ingredients the body rejects them and becomes ill; creating “dis-ease”.  

So why do we continue down the dangerous human made path?  out of ease? out of vanity?  This product will “keep you thin” that one will “prevent wrinkles”.  The wrinkles around my eyes mean I laugh a lot.  I enjoy time spent with family.  The memories these “wrinkles” hold are priceless. Why would I want to give them up?  Each new grey hair is a test of my will, it means I have survived through life’s troubles (I am the mom of teenager

so I anticipate many more). 

My life’s goal is to help as many people as possible walk their own path through life in a healthy, meaningful way.  I aim to help you build your own path to perfect health so that you too can enjoy all that life has to offer. 

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