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50 Hour Senior Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Now enrolling for a September 2015 start date! 

The course will run 5 days spread out over 5 to 10 weeks.  I will set the actual dates closer to the fall and will consider the timetable from participants wishes.

To enroll or learn more contact KW Yoga Therapy Cost is $600 plus HST

This is a sample outline of what a Senior Gentle Yoga Teacher Training day would look like.

Day 1: Introduction

  1. What is yoga for seniors?  How does it differ?  Why do we need it?

  2. Overview of the 5 days

  3. Homework expectations

  4. What is expected of the practical exam

Morning Practice

  1. Talk about the flow of the class

  2. Why did i choose the postures that i did?

  3. Was there a natural flow/progression to the class?

  4. Was injury or ailment discussed?

  5. What would you do differently?

Discussion on the back body

  1. What is the back body

  2. discuss lines of fascia

  3. injury of the back body that may prevent or hinder physical activity

Ailments to be discussed

  1. Vision changes; cataracts, glaucoma,

  2. Cardiovascular disease

  3. Spondylarthropathies (arthritis of the spine)

While vision and cardiovascular problems are not related to the back body they are important to discuss here because they affect the ability to fold forward.  

Injuries and diseases related to the hips, pelvis and spine will be discussed in greater detail here.

Practice the postures

  1. What postures are related to the back body

  2. how can these be modified to account for common injury or ailment

  3. hands on? to touch or not.  When is it safe to assist a senior and how much force to use

Closing the Practice

  1. breath techniques

  2. meditation? or savasana 

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