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5 Easy Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Day

In our busy lives where smart phones are constantly buzzing with some important message we lose sight of ourselves.  The things we need are neglected.  Being mindful is one way to find peace in this crazy world.  This small list represents a few of the ways I keep my sanity throughout the day!

5 Minute Body Scan

Before getting out of bed in the morning take a minute to listen to your body.  With eyes closed begin at the top and move down.  With each inhale visualize the air touching a different part of the body.  You’re not out of bed yet!  Do you feel a tension across the forehead, between the eyes as the mind starts to race through the day?  If so breathe into this space; allow the air to release this tension, this moment is for you.  Continue down the body how’s your neck feeling?  Did you sleep in an odd position?  Again breathe!  And continue down…..

Mindful Eating

Chose a meal today and really pay attention to each bite.  Put your fork or spoon down between bites.  Notice the flavours, the textures, be grateful for each morsel you swallow.  In our busy lives we tend to rush through meals and snacks, often over eating.  When you eat fast your body and mind are at a disconnect.  We overeat because the mind has not caught up with the fact that our stomachs are full.  Mindful eating allows this time for the mind and body to connect and for us to receive signals that we are full.

Mindful Conversation

During the day chose at least one interaction to be really present.  Allow your thoughts to fully focus on the conversation at hand.  Often when interacting with others our minds are preoccupied. Of course we don’t start off this way!  Maybe something that was said reminds us of a task that we had forgotten to do.  Start with one interaction; give this person your undivided attention.  They will be grateful and you will feel amazing.

Enjoy a Feeling

Life is hectic J We rush through the day focusing on what is next on our never ending list.  When was the last time you stopped and appreciated a single moment?  The challenge is to STOP, stop for a single minute and feel your body.  Reconnect with your emotions.  Maybe you receive an unexpected compliment, instead of saying “thank you” and running off, hold onto it for 60 seconds.  Take this minute and accept the compliment.  “Yes I do deserve it!” so simple yet we often neglect to appreciate ourselves.  This will go a long way to helping you appreciating others.  Don’t forget to pass it on, give someone else a chance to feel appreciated.

5 to 20 Minute Breath Awareness

Now for the hardest one!  Can you spare 20 minutes to sit with your breath?  Maybe you can only spare 5?  That’s fine; at least it’s something J  I challenge you to find this time and just breathe.  Let the thoughts float where they will; without engaging.  Your mind is a busy place!  Allow it to jump around, observe what comes up but do NOT interact.  Be a silent witness to your SELF.  Breathe through the noise, eventually the mind will calm itself.  Think of your mind as a small child in midst of a temper tantrum.  By allowing it to scream, rant and rave it will eventually tire out leaving calm after the storm!  This takes some getting used to, but believe me, when it comes you will be thankful you took that break to breathe!

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