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The Scoop on Fad Diets

Let’s get something straight; diet equals nutrition not the fad of the month or year!  When I ask “what’s your diet like” I am not looking for single word or single phrase answers such as “Atkins”, “Paleo”, “I’m on the South Beach diet”, “I follow the Mediterranean diet”… Nope I’m actually asking how many vegetables are you getting in a day?  How about your water in-take?

While the diet craze d’jour may help you lose that extra 10 pounds it’s not doing your overall health any good.  Fad diet plans are intended to make you drop weight fast with many people returning to their “normal” diet after a month, 2 or even a  year.  Which means weight is regained sometimes even more than was lost.   Instead diet needs to be a way of life.  A way of eating that you are able to maintain.  Thus you are not ON a diet, you are eating healthy, nutrient balanced foods every day all the time (with the occasional treat).  To learn more about balancing check out my post on Macronutrients.

While it may sound great to cut carbs and eat high amounts of protein because protein builds muscle…right?  In reality if you are not weight training then that excess protein gets stored as fat anyway. Also it does not contain all the micronutrients you need for optimal health.  Sources of carbohydrates such as carrots, bananas, potatoes and whole grains have important vitamins and minerals that we HAVE to have to keep the body functioning smoothly.  The body burns carbs as a source of energy; if it lacks a ready supply fatigue sets in.

Protein, carbohydrates and fats (lipids) each have their place with none being more important than another.  For optimal health and the perfect diet for your unique body a balance must be obtained that takes into account your gender, age, current physical fitness level and future goals.

Once done you will discover your perfect body!

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