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The Barbeque Dilemma | Celiac Adventures

Well spring has sprung and now we move into barbeque season.  For most this is a joyous time of year, hanging with friends, laughing eating…Eating!!!  Ugg!  While many with celiac disease hide from all things buffet I believe you can have your GF cake and eat it too.  We just have to be a little sneaky 😉

Like me, you have all been invited to an afternoon barbeque (that will absolutely go into the night) so you panic!  You miss the fun of sun and friends.  But your stomach is already aching with thoughts of contamination.  As the event gets closer you feel more and more ill; making up some excuse you politely decline.  Then sit home alone kicking yourself.  Promising next time you WILL go.  So here is the next time and I am here to say “do it!”


For me one of the hardest parts of being in a large group is the constant questions, which come in three sets, complete with sarcastic looks:

“How come you’re not eating”  “The food is really good”  “Here try this”

“What’s celiac disease”  “So no wheat at all”  “Come on, one bite won’t kill you”

“I brought a salad; you can eat that”  “Why don’t you just look at the buffet?”  “I’m sure we can find you something

Sick of explaining what celiac is and why you’re not eating?  Then eat!  Yep I said it.  BUT.  Plan out your meal. Talk to your host beforehand to find out what the menu is then recreate a small version of it to bring with you.  If your plate looks similar to everyone else’s no one will even notice.

Pack yourself a mini picnic; talk to your friend and “hide” your stash someplace safe so that you don’t have to worry about nosey people getting crumbs in your food.  When it’s time to eat, excuse yourself, make up a plate, and head back to the fun.


Of course you can’t go to a function empty handed.  So what to bring?  Here are my go-to, awesome tasting, gluten free dishes that no one will even know don’t contain the dreaded big G.  Perfect for sharing just get yours before anyone else to ensure no cross contamination.

Top 3 Salads

Buckwheat and Roasted Beet Salad – Sophisticated and delicious this salad has beautiful color and pairs perfectly alongside any main dish.

Berrylicious Kale – Early summer barbeque?  This salad is perfect after a visit to the berry patch!  No one can resist berries and cheese!

Broccoli Tahini Pasta Salad – A perfect, colorful, nutrient rich salad that travels well.

Strawberry Kale Salad


Top 3 Dips

Fresh Mint, Cilantro Guacamole – A new take on the classic dip, mint adds a refreshing twist.

Smokey Eggplant Dip – If you love eggplant this is huge win!  Actually if you’re not so sure about eggplants (like me) this may still be a win 🙂

Mediterranean Feta Dip – Who doesn’t love feta, tomatoes and olives…

Top 3 desserts

New York Cheesecake – It’s cheesecake; enough said!

Rhubarb Snack Cake – A delicate hand held dessert that pairs nicely with either a cup of tea or a shot of rum.

Best Ever Bars – Super fast, easy to make and pack a flavorful punch.


So there you have it!  Some awesome food to take along so that you can go and enjoy the party without explanation and judgmental looks!

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