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Review of 2 styles of Neck and Shoulder Massagers by Naipo

A Product Review

I remember the first time I ever went for a professional massage: I was 24 and pregnant with our second son.  I had a desk job at a large insurance company.  Big belly, sitting all day made for a very sore lower back, so hubby booked me a massage.  OH MY GOSH!!  I was in absolute heaven.  Of course being a mom of three, without health insurance, this is not something I enjoy on a regular basis.  We save the awe inspiring professional massages for special occasions.

Over the years we have been through many portable massagers.  The neck type, the chair type, the mat type, the feet type… Rollers, vibration, heat we’ve been through them all; hubby is kind of obsessed 🙂

Why?  Because massage is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Stress is the leading cause of death and disease in North America.  It leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, psychological problems and so much more.  When the mind is stressed the body goes into fight or flight mode; meaning the muscles contract ready to take action.  Chronic stress leads to tight muscles, tight muscles pull on bones causing joint issues, joint issues cause pain leading to more stress.  While it would be awesome to remove all stress from life that is not realistic.  Enter the personal massager!

These products don’t replace a therapist but they can help us release some tension.  Which is why we have been through so many.  When I was offered the chance to review a neck massager I was excited for my hubby.  He has been searching for a new one for about 2 years now.  After going through so many he has become quite picky!

The Product:

I was sent 2 models of a neck massager from Naipo; the simple massaging pillow with heat and the deluxe Shiatsu 3D-Rotating Massager with heat.  Spoiler alert!! I liked the simple model better 😀

I’ll start by saying both are good products, exact quote “If I found these on sample in a store I would have bought both”.  After 1 week of trial this is what dear hubby had to say.  So why exactly?

Massaging Pillow

Naipo Massaging Pillow with Heat - Jennifer Heard

The pillow is lightweight, easy to maneuver and I love that it has no fuss settings.  Just turn on and put to use.  Only complaint with this one is that the heat is always on.  Perfect for me but others in the house wanted the option to turn it off or at least down.  I did find it a bit wide as it tends to rub the sides of my neck though the maneuverability helps make up for this.  Can’t complain too much though as the amazon retail price is $69.99 CAD.

This massager is a nice size with comfortable straps so that you can hold the hold device in place.  Simple movements of the hands allow for control of pressure and placement.  The pillow features 2 half moon shaped rotating disks that seem to mimic the side of a hand.  Every couple minutes it changes the direction of rotation; that’s my favorite part!  Another neat feature is that it comes with a car charger so that you can use it on the move.  Perfect for people that have long commutes.

This pillow is great to let sit on your neck or place on a chair at the lower back.  Oh! And it feels amazing on tired legs too.  I have used it on my upper hamstrings after a nice long jog.

Shiatsu Rotating Massager

This one is more aggressive with 4 rotating balls (2 on each side).  It offers various speeds and heat settings, which made others in the house very happy.  As with the pillow style it has straps that you hold so that you can adjust the pressure and placement while it massages.  I have to say I did not like this one my neck!  Too big and too aggressive even on a lower setting; however my husband and oldest son liked this one better for these exact reasons.

I do enjoy the Shiatsu Rotating Massager very much on my upper back.  If you hold the straps so that it is placed between the shoulder blades it gives a very relaxing and deep massage.  Honestly I have been alternating between the two depending on where I currently need it!  This massager is available on amazon for $79.99 CAD.

If you are petite this product may be a bit on large side for you, unless of course you like the more aggressive style of massager.

Important to note that if you have any spinal problems avoid use of this or any mechanical massager before speaking with a health care professional.

Naipo: Shiatsu 3D-Rotating Massager with Heat

Family Score: 3/5

The 3 boys vote yes and 2 girls vote no

Dollar value: 5/5

I was actually impressed with the quality of this product, especially considering the price point.

Health Benefits: 4/5

It lost one point for size and aggressiveness.

Final Score: 4/5

Buy Again: Yes

Naipo: Massaging Pillow with Heat

Family Score: 5/5

The 3 boys vote yes and 2 girls vote yes.

Dollar value: 5/5

Health Benefits: 4/5

Final Score: 5/5

Buy Again: Yes


I mentioned I was asked to review this product.  I was not paid and all opinions are my own.  As always when I do a product review I express my reaction based on the idea that I have made this purchase and want to share my honest experience.  The links provided in this review are direct to the manufacturer and I do not make any commission  for your click or purchase.

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