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House Cleaning | Liver Detox

Spring cleaning.  Why do we only think of massive cleansing at the beginning of spring?  When in reality this is something that should be done on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.  When you think about it would you only wash your dishes once a year?  The kitchen would be pretty nasty after only 2 days.  How often do you shower?  If the outside of your body needs this much cleaning….Hmmmm!

Ok so your insides are not out rolling in the yard but you are inhaling, eating, touching; basically consuming your environment, things that you would not normally place in your mouth are being ingested.  Now I am not trying to gross you out and the body does have its natural cleansing system…BUT…

Chemicals Are Added

Our ancestors ate food that was food.  It was not enhanced or injected or fed pellets that increase weight gain.  Anything foreign that we ingested along with the food was organically foreign; it came from the earth.  These new impurities are a whole different kind of foreign; think invasion of the body snatchers; these “impurities” get stuck.  They accumulate and the more they accumulate the more health problems we experience.  Just like cleaning your kitchen, cleaning the body needs to be a daily activity.

Eat More Greens

Yeah it really is the answer to everything!  Vegetables help the liver function the way it’s meant to.  This means binding toxins and clearing them out of the body.

Cruciferous vegetables contain glycosides a sulfur compound that increases the production of glucosinolate.  This anticarcinogenic compound acts in the liver to destroy harmful material and helps prevent cancer cells from developing.

Dandelion is not just a weed; delicious in salads, the leaves are a natural diuretic that help the body rid waste through the urine.  Make a tea of the roots to help detoxify the liver and remove fatty deposits.

Turmeric; buy it as a root or a powder to increase liver function through enzymatic action.  Sounds like a superhero!  The root can be used as you would a chili pepper, pop it into any stew, or grate it the way you would fresh ginger.  You can make a tea from it or add it to your juicer.  Doesn’t really matter how you use, just use it!

This is just the tip of the iceberg there are many fruits and vegetables that all have differing actions on the liver specifically and the entire system in general.

How Much and When?

Of course this question comes up.  “How much turmeric do I need a day to drink alcohol or consume packaged foods”?   I wish it was that easy.  It really comes down to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs on a daily basis while cutting back on man-made ingredients.  It’s about keeping the house clean day to day.


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