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Hard Cider?

The Friday Review with Natural Jenn

Pommies Hard Cider

Admittedly I don’t like beer or malted drinks, even the smell turns my stomach.  When presented with the challenge of taste testing a couple hard ciders I was quite reluctant.

Pommies is a family run, small crafted cider company.  Made from 100% Ontario apples right here in Ontario!  No traveling time for these ingredients.  What’s great, and the reason I agreed to sample, is that they are gluten free and non-GMO!  I can never, ever resist gluten free.  The more I can enjoy while out the better!  Now I have to say; I did enjoy it.  This was perfect timing for the holidays, a light crisp drink that’s not too sweet, that can travel with us to holiday gatherings.

Pros and Cons

I was pleasantly surprised by the light crisp flavors.  We sampled the Farmhouse and the Cider; which made me wonder if the packaging was strategic?

The farmhouse was the first to be popped open, a beautiful apple-y aroma greeted the nose and the first sip was quite pleasant.  A bit on the strong side for myself; though if offered I would not refuse.  Adam quite liked this one.

The cider was definitely my pick.  Very light, with a pleasant, fresh apple after taste.  In the past coolers have been my go to as a safe alternative to beer but to be honest they are TOO sweet; so I am happy to have a cooler alternative.

The Pommies Cider Verdict

Pommies Cider Taste Test

Buy Again: Yes


Want to know more about Pommies?  Check out thier website

Where to buy Pommies

Listen to our first sips of Pommies Cider and Pommies Farmhouse on the latest episode of Prescription for Flavor!

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