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5 Ways to Fit in Meditation Over Summer Holidays

Now that we are a couple weeks into summer holidays; I was recently asked “how do you find time to meditate”?  This came from a friend who knows my busy schedule.  Of course with kids home for the summer any semblance of a normal schedule is thrown out the window so you have to take what you can get. 

This is my reply:

  1. Walking Meditation:  Meditation is key to keeping your sanity when life gets busier.  On my work days I make sure to give myself an hour at the gym before my first client.   I have turned my treadmill time into elliptical time with a guided meditation playing in my ear.  Taking to the elliptical machine means I can close my eyes and lose myself in meditation as the machine guides my arms and legs.  I have come to love this; I leave the cardio floor feeling refreshed and energized. 

  2. Fake sleep!  Yep that’s right!  If I have nowhere to be I keep my eyes closed and fit in a 10 to 15 minute meditation before I get out of bed.  On busier days even 5 minutes will do wonders for the mind!

  3. Backyard yoga.  “mommy, mommy watch me!”  So while the kids jump on the trampoline, pick berries or play catch with the dog, I do yoga, making sure to face them!  Sure this is not the most relaxing way to practice yoga but isn’t that why we meditate?  To have greater patience and be able to keep it together when things are not perfect?  This way I might not get in a full hour but 15 minutes is better than nothing right?  Often my daughter will end up in some position next to me, which is great!

  4. Go to the park.  While the kids play find a quiet, cozy spot under a tree and take a few breaths.  I have managed anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes without interruption.

  5. Bed time.  Last but not least a few minutes in bed prepares the brain for a good night sleep.

I love summers home with my family.  Yes things can be a bit hectic, routine is thrown out the window for 2 months but I would never trade this time with my kids.  Too soon they will out of the house and I will have all the time in the world for quiet meditation.  Until then I say embrace every moment and allow yourself to go with the flow.  

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