Meditation Teacher Training

50 Hour Meditation and Mental Yoga Teacher Training

This training covers:

Breath control and how to teach breathwork. Various breath regulation techniques will be covered. Participants will have the opportunity to both practice and teach each technique.

Meditation techniques covered include Mindfulness, Maitri (loving kindness), and Yoga Nidra
Participants will come to understand the differences and similarities through practice and teaching.

Students are taught how to write and practice visualization meditations for each of the above techniques. Visualizations are a great place to discover a peaceful escape while staying in touch with reality.

25 or 50 Hour Mindfulness Training for Classrooms K-12

Teachers that employ mindfulness in the classroom have noted these changes in their students:
Increased attention span
Increased motor awareness
Greater empathy

This is the perfect workshop for teachers; Mindfulness for Classrooms teaches how to incorporate techniques of mindfulness, into classrooms to better serve the needs of today’s youth.

Mindful activities are delivered in a fun and easy to understand method appropriate for ages 4 through adult. Activities are based on grade level, keeping in mind child development stages.

Teachers and Teacher Support Staff are taught how to create mindfulness games and activity sheets.
Core lessons include:
Breath awareness
Loving Kindness, compassion training
Moving with attention
Anger management
working through emotions

...and much more!