Wake up each day with joyful intent!

When you wake in the morning, smile, and set an intention for the day.  Before leaving your bed take 5 deep calming breaths with the intention front and center.  Then keep it loosely in the back of your mind throughout the rest of the day.

Thoughts upon awakening “I have a long to do list, probably too long to accomplish in one day.  Why do I put myself in this position day after day??? How will I ever get things done…oh how I wish I could go back to sleep!”

Stop!!! How can this mantra be changed for the better?
While still in bed breath in “Strength”, “Accomplishment” & “Peace”
Strength to accomplish all there is to do today, Peace to keep your sanity through busy times. 
Instead think “Yes my list is long but I have the strength to get the things done that need attention right now and the peace to allow some things to wait.  All that I accomplish today is less to do tomorrow!”

So the joyful intention for the day is PEACE hold this thought loosely, when you feel overwhelmed bring it to the front of your mind and take several calming breaths by using a forceful exhale “stress” or any word that fits your situation, let the natural inhale of peace flow through you. (When you exhale forcefully air naturally flows back into the lungs without force or thought from you, this is peace breath)

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