We continue with our immune boosting series of topics!  The external temperature makes a larger impact on our immune systems than most people realize.

Going from summer to fall with a quick drop in temperatures can wreak havoc on the body.  As can moving from a cold place to a hot place or vice versa any time of year.  (summer colds are often caused by going from the hot outdoors into heavily air-conditioned spaces)  The optimal exterior temperature for the human body varies between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius; temperatures above or below this range cause undue stress on the body.  When the body is too cold or too hot it uses energy to heat up or cool down; this energy can be put to much better use in fighting off unwanted invaders (germs).

Why is there such a large range?  As unique individuals our bodies each require something a bit different.  Get to know your body to discover your optimal temperature.  When leaving the house be dressed appropriately for you!  Not how others think you should.  Over dressing on a cold winter day can cause as much distress to your immune system as wearing only a t-shirt. 

Many of us have families!  Keeping the thermostat at 18 in winter is a great starting point.  Remember to dress for your body type; take a bit of time to analyse yourself and family members honestly.  Pay attention to how you are feeling in many different temperature conditions.  

Take myself for instance, I am always cold!   18 requires a warm sweater, some days double socks, my daughter will run around in a bathing suit J and to touch she is warm.  Don’t fight it!  Remember that children are more in-tune with their bodies than adults.  It is their nature to be in comfort at all times.  Of course when you are going out make sure they are dressed for the weather!

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