Ramen, Why we Love it! | PFF Episode 008

Ramen; a Japanese noodle soup with so many variations one has to wonder if they had the same origins. Today we discuss this delectable soup and its evil counterpart. Adam reveals his recipe of the week and how to make it your own.

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Halloween: How Much Candy is Too Much | PFF Episode 007

With Halloween fast approaching do you allow your kids to indulge in one day, spread it out or say a hard no to trick or treating altogether? In today’s podcast Adam and Jenn discuss Halloween candy, how much is too much and what to do with the leftovers.

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Men vs Women

No matter how hard we try to force it men and women will always be….different. I’m not saying we’re not equals, just different.

Today we discuss how the different genders do require differing nutrient intake levels. Gender specific hormones demand gender specific nutrients!

Do the friends you hang out with influence how you order in a restaurant or bar? Without realizing it we may be succumbing to gender stereotypes! Check out this episode of Prescription for Flavor to hear Adam and Jenn’s battle of the genders!

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