Yoga Therapy

Balance mind & body

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $85
  • online or in person

Service Description

Body Alignment: Low back pain from sitting hunched over the computer all day? Joint stiffness from repetitive movement? Yoga therapy looks to correct alignment imbalances caused by daily life. These imbalances can lead to chronic pain, muscle fatigue and even injury. Yoga therapy considers how you live your daily life then aims to strengthen and lengthen muscles that may be contributing to bodily misalignment. Injury Recovery: Yoga therapy is much like physiotherapy with many of the exercises the same. The difference is found in translation, yoga therapy assess the entire body. Looking at how the body compensates for the injury plus why the injury occurred in the first place then aims to treat the entire person not just the injury. Chronic Pain: When pain becomes chronic yoga therapy refers to psychosomatic investigation to learn the root cause. Counselling, breath-work, meditation, nutrition combine with static and dynamic postures to facilitate healing, lengthen and strengthen the body while calming the nervous system and supporting mental healing.

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