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Immunity Boosting Superstars

Keep colds and flu away this Holiday season with these dietary superstars!

Merry Christmas!! This will be the last post until the New Year; so I thought I would leave you with ways to increase immunity over the holidays. It’s not a secret that stress is hard on the body; have you ever got to the end of a super crazy week, ready to enjoy a couple days off only to be blasted with a nasty cold? Yep that’s stress! It’s hard for the immune system to keep up. So let’s make sure you’re in tip top shape to enjoy the wonders of the season.

Immune System Overview

What is this mysterious system that governs our health? In short: The immune system is a network of cells that work together to protect the body from invading viruses, bacteria and parasites. The lymphatic system is the main director of the show; where lymph tissue and organs are responsible for the destruction and clean-up of foreign bodies. In order for the lymph to do its job the body needs to be well stocked in supportive nutrients and well-functioning organs. Oregano Oil: The System Cleanser Oregano helps to eliminate the bad bacteria from the digestive tract; making it easier for lymph to get to its target. Think of playing darts. If the bullseye is directly in front of you with no distractions it is much easier to hit. Now if you’re standing across a crowded room that target is hard to see and your dart has a lot of people to avoid. Oil of Oregano helps to clear the path between you and the target. It does this through the action of phytochemicals: specifically carvacol and thymol!

Japanese Mushrooms: The Antioxidant Powerhouse

Shitake, oyster and enoki are Japanese mushrooms loaded with ergothioneine; antioxidant power. Along with the high concentration of antioxidants mushrooms supply important nutrients that aid immune function. While the antioxidant power helps to kill off unwanted visitors particular mushrooms have been shown to help boost the production of B and T lymphocytes; the crucial cells that help control immune response. Another important function of mushrooms is they help alkalize the body! Great news because most bacteria and viruses need an acidic environment to reproduce. Honestly I could go on all day about how awesome mushrooms are but we must move on. If you want to know more check out this awesome article by Dr. Axe. or 15 Health Benefits on Jen Reviews.

 Cruciferous Vegetables

Detoxification! Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale and others of this family help take the burden off your liver by aiding in detoxification. A toxin free body is better able to handle viral attack. The pungent flavors of these vegies are created by sulfur containing compounds. As they digest these sulfur compounds undergo a chemical reaction that creates important antiviral and antibacterial isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates support the immune response by promoting cell death in viruses, bacteria and cancer cells that contain mutated p53 proteins.

End Notes

While it would be nice to say “eat these three things and you will never suffer from cold or flu again”…it is unrealistic. There are too many balls at play t=when it comes to illness. We can, however, be certain that increasing the amount of these three will help you ward off and recover faster. Besides with all the other nutrients and health promoting properties there’s no reason to avoid these delectable goodies!

Coming Up

The New Year brings in new resolutions. A time when we can look back over the past year and see where we would like to make changes for the better. The coming year will see some changes here. I have taken on the task of creating a mindfulness based health series of courses, perhaps a book and some new and exciting recipes. We are cutting Prescription for Flavor back to once a week in order to provide better quality and allow for external projects. The goal though is to manage times so that we can once more offer twice weekly casts; hopefully with some video 🙂

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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