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Filter | A Mindful Challenge

Imagine the brain as a giant bowl; stuff is constantly flowing into it.  The world’s dumping place.  Everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste goes in and the brain must filter it to create coherent ideas about this mass input.  Some of what we experience is toxic, some nourishing and others just filler, neutral.  In order to create contentment or peace we must learn how to filter.  How to adequately filter out the garbage and keep only that which serves us in a positive light.

Consider criticisms:  When criticized we jump into defense mode.  Automatically putting the back up and the mind fills with either self-loathing or anger towards the other.  Some may experience both.  Is criticism bad?  By learning how to filter we can calm the reaction.  Take the good out of it and get rid of the rest.  Often criticism can lead to growth.  A coach or teacher points out imperfections to help us create something better to grow in our chosen field.  Every individual we meet can BE a coach if we allow it.

What was the criticising words?  Examine them under a microscope.  What was the intent behind the words.  Were they born out of jealousy?  Out of love?  Strip away the tones, and keep only the letters and words.  Can you use this statement or word to improve the self?  Is there truth here?  If so keep it.  Turn it around.  Create a statement of love using these same words.  That can become a goal, a place to start growth.

Filter out the worthless keep that which promotes growth.


Uss this short script to become familiar with examining problems through mindfulness.  Be aware that this type of exercise can bring about many emotions; so leave yourself time for reflection.

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