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Ahhhh Spring!! 

Spring is a time for growth and renewal, a time when the Northern Hemisphere begins to awaken from its long winter nap.  Throughout winter the urge is to hibernate, move less, eat heavy foods, build warmth, these long months of winter build up stagnation in the body.  We have gained some “winter” weight, we have been less physical, the mind may even have become foggy.  Spring is a time to rid these qualities from the body to prepare for the hot months of summer.  If the heavy (kapha) qualities of winter are not removed from the body it can settle, leading to an increase in springtime illness (bronchitis, pneumonia, head and chest colds etc.)

So how can we remove (liquefy) kapha (winter heaviness) out of the body instead of allowing it to settle so that we become healthier?

            April is derived from the Latin word aperire the root of which means “to open”.  So let us open the body so that we can eliminate the unwanted, inviting in lightness and health.

The Yogini explanation: We can use the energy of the earth by grounding from the hips down, then create motion in the upper half.  Combining ujjayi breath with twists and chest opening asana will move and expel kapha.

What this means:  Twisting, flowing movements of the torso get digestion fired up.  The heart rate becomes elevated, increasing circulation which allows the blood to flow and remove winter build-up of toxins from the system.

Just like plants in spring the body needs fire (sun) and water to become strong.  We can build heat in the system with exercise. Tthe addition of water (not sugary drinks) will help to “liquefy“ toxins and heaviness moving it to our elimination systems to be removed by sweat, urine and stool.  If these toxins do not have a way to be eliminated they will resettle in the body producing illness and disease; depositing into fat cells.  This is why water is so important!

Bottom line: Keep it simple, add movement and water into your life, DAILY!  

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