Mindful Nutrition

Nutrition Counselling

Eating mindfully is about maintaining in-the-moment awareness of what you ingest. It’s about observing (not judging) the food and drink you choose to consume while noticing how the food makes you feel. Mindful eating allows us to fully engage in the signals that the body sends to the brain about taste and satiety.

Mindful Nutrition Counselling helps people discover intolerances, understand emotional eating and manage weight.

gluten free sandwich

Transition for New Celiac Diagnosis

  • Understanding your diagnosis
  • Label reading - it's not as easy as it sounds!
  • Cross contamination
  • Setting up a gluten free kitchen or zone
  • Emotional support
  • and much more

Mindful Nutritional Healing

Mindful nutrition invites awareness into the eating and digestion process.  By observing how the foods we eat affect the body we can begin to heal both body and mind.   We will discuss:

  • macro and micro nutrient balance
  • deficiencies, gut flora, pH balance
  • food intolerance, allergies
  • meal planning
  • likes and aversions
  • emotional eating

Gluten Free Cooking Lessons

While many aspects of gluten free cooking come down to label reading there are parts that require a bit of science.

Cooking lessons can be one-on-one or in small groups.  All sessions will be targeted to your taste preferences.  In some cases additional individuals (local chefs) may be brought in to aid the session.

gluten free pancakes with fresh berries

Gluten free living Doesn't have to be hard...

Often diagnosis comes with the advice "Maintain a completely gluten free diet"... and that's pretty much it.  We are left to figure it out ourselves.

I was lucky that I had a degree in Natural Medicine with an emphasis on nutrition when this diagnosis came. Even with that the transition was hard. Now I am here to help you heal and support you in every way needed.

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