Meet Jenn

Hello! It is so nice to “meet” you! This is always the hardest thing for me. Writing or speaking about myself so I’ll keep it brief. Below I have answered a few of the more common questions that I have been asked over the years.

Who is Jennifer Heard?

Haha! Of course who am I? Well first of all I am a mom. That’s probably the most important one. My children (and husband) come first. 3 kids; boy (18), boy (14), girl (12). They are the reason I am here. Really I’m not sure what else there is after that. Many mom’s out there get where I’m coming from! Your identity gets lost in being so-and-so’s mom or so-and-so’s wife. Outside of being a mom I am yoga. I say “I am” because after 20 some years it has become more than a practice and just a part of me. I also love to read; any and everything but especially everything yoga, psychology and biology. All of it really. I LOVE non-fiction! And exclamation marks 🙂 Lastly I have celiac disease. This is relatively new. Not having celiac disease but knowing about it. In all honestly the signs were there, slowly getting worse all my life; but it took 3 months of being sick to my stomach, with my body slowly shutting down to get the diagnosis. You can read more about that here. The last two years have been about coming to terms with having an autoimmune disease, healing myself both physically and mentally. My blog is mostly dedicated to gluten free healthy recipes most of which include ingredients that help to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Why Natural Medicine?

When our first son was a baby he had allergies, asthma and eczema… Then when he was 6 he started displaying signs of Tourette Syndrome. I had been pre-med when we were blessed with a son so when the doctors were talking about pharmaceuticals for such a tiny body I understood. I knew the physiology. I knew the possible side effects. So I sought alternatives. Which meant I had to study. Thus began my ten year trek to a PhD in Natural Medicine. In that time I also deepened my passion for Yoga Therapy. It did more for my son than all other therapies combined.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga principles are used to help a person achieve a goal physically, mentally and/or spiritually. As with any other natural healing method the entire person is considered not just the problem. Breath, meditation, asana (physical practice), nutrition and other aspects of healthy living are taught to help bring balance to the individual. The therapy is 100 % tailored to the practitioner as no two individuals are the same thus the cure cannot be the same. For myself it is very intuitive. Yoga as a place for healing makes perfect sense as we need to look at all aspects of the self.

How does Nutrition fit into all of this?

The old saying “you are what you eat” is quite literally true. Everything that we consume becomes a part of us; thus eating is yoga! (yog = union) Food and body become one 🙂 As individuals we have varying requirements. True we all need a balance of macro and mico nutrients but my balance will be slightly different from yours because of age, gender, height, allergies, digestive issues etc. If we use yoga therapy to heal physically how can we avoid talking about nutrition? It is such an important topic for physical health.

So that’s basically it. Want to know more about me? Drop me an email! I love to hear from you guys <3 Namaste!