Introduction to Mindfulness Moments

Beginning October 1st I will be releasing a YouTube series called Mindfulness Moments.  On the first of each month a new moment will be uploaded.  
This series will look at different methods on how to add mindfulness and/or meditation to daily life.  
We each respond differently to any given situation.; thus do not be overwhelmed when one moment does not work for you.  Stay tuned for the next one!
Every moment is different!  Where one will connect with you another may not.  Learn from each one and use the ones that help you now.  Come back to the frustrating ones at another time.  Circumstances change, viewpoints change.  Depending on the time of day, time of year, cycle in your life these “moments” will connect with you differently.  
Every moment is an opportunity for growth!   
I look forward to guiding to you through these moments.  Please contact me if you struggle, if you have a technique you would like clarified or for any other matter!  I love hearing from you!


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