Heart Month

Happy February!

February has been declared “Heart Month” and not just because of Valentine’s Day 🙂
The word February comes from the Latin “Februum” which translates to purification.  As the last full month of winter February is a time to purify the body and mind to make way for the new beginnings of Spring.

In honor of this month of purity I have recorded a guided meditation aimed at heart opening.  To allow us to let our purity and joy shine through for everyone to see.  By opening your heart in these cold winter months you invite yourself and others to feel, to let warmth in.

I hope you enjoy!

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  • February 16, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    I positioned myself on my Pilate machine in the butterfly position. I had mastered the breathing pattern – drawing in my diaphragm as I exhaled, then slowing it down, breathing in deeper. I could feel this gentle surge of oxygen flowing, changing with my movements and yes, I “did in fact feel the high”.

    As I continued to mediate I knew I was smiling, and at one point I felt the warmth from my core as a gentle tingle came to the back of my neck, moving down my spine. The high one feels just sets your soul free and I was delighted at the joy I felt.

    Thank you Jennifer for this inspiring “Happy Heart Month – DAY” and Purification Moment(s). It may be cold outside but inside me – I feel nothing but warmth and I needed this today most definitely!

    I raised my hands and centered and felt the peace of being at ONE.


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