Finding Balance – Intentions

This is the second of 2 posts on discovering balance.  Once we have realized our natural rhythms the next step becomes intentions.   Setting intentions allow us to work towards specific goals whether in a day, a week, a month, a year or longer!

Intentions:  Small phrases, ideas, to hold in the back of the mind that will guide you throughout the day, week, or year.  Similar to a new years resolution, an intention is a expectation of the self.  Though it does differ in some fundamental ways: ” i want to lose weight” can be considered a resolution, but it is not an intention!  Instead it is better to say “I will have respect for the food I consume and will take smaller portion sizes” what comes out of this intention is a healthy attitude towards food.  Ultimately leading to a healthy weight balance connected to your specific body type and personality.  The key here is balance in the self.  The intentions must ring true to your underlying value system and be connected with key aspects of your personality.

We are each unique causing intentions to vary greatly in how often we set them, what the main purpose is and how we aspire to fulfill them.
Personally I like to set an intention for the day:  “I intend to be peaceful and forgiving today”  
An intention for the week: “I intend to complete 2 blog posts and spend 10 hours active this week”
An intention for the month: “I intend to keep an open mind as i move through towards a new business venture this month”
And an intention for the year: “I intend for my business to grow by 25% this calendar year” 

When creating an intention for the day I look ahead to see where the day is heading, as in the above example I would set this before rising in the morning on a day that will see me in difficult situations or in interactions with difficult people.

My weekly intention would be set on a Sunday, looking ahead to what needs to be accomplished versus what I want to be accomplished, keeping in mind my yearly goals!  Sometimes these do not line up so well!  Such as the example that I wrote.  Getting in 2 hours a day of exercise when I know that writing has to be done is asking a lot.  However when the intention is held things have a way of working out!  The daily and weekly reasoning meld together to create an intention for the month that will show progress towards my year end goals. 
This breakdown helps me to keep an end result in focus.  I need this structure 🙂  Others operate at a very different level.  Some like to set the intended goal for the year, write it out, tuck it away and allow the mind to work towards it without a conscious push.  
The famous story of actor Jim Carrey:  The story goes that one night when Carrey was a struggling comic, he drove his old car to the top of a hill. Dreaming of his future, he wrote himself a check for $10 million, put in the notation line ‘for acting services rendered,’ and dated it for 5 years in the future.  Within that 5 years he had a number of block busters and if he wanted to, could cash his 

This is both a concious (alignment of natural rhythms) and subconscious (the setting of intentions) effort, to achieve lasting balance within our lives.
These are the beginning steps to finding balance in the face of attaining goals.  I hope this aids you on your journey. 

I want to hear from you!  What do you think?  Did this help you in anyway?  Ask me questions!  I am always looking for new blog topics!  

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