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Change Your Breath, Take Charge of Your Health

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An old proverb states that "breath is life and the way you breathe is the way you live". 20 years ago I discovered the healing qualities of proper breathing and I have been living it ever since. Teaching others how to use their natural breath and controlled breathwork to bring about optimal mind-body health is a rewarding experience. In this course you will learn dynamic and passive breathing exercises to help you activate a "stuck" diaphragm, strengthen and lengthen primary breathing muscles. Plus learn how to recognize abnormal breathing patterns that lead to dis-ease within the mind and body. By recognizing these abnormal patterns, you can then learn to correct them. We will work with the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce the stress response, promote relaxation and encourage healing. You will learn basic anatomy and physiology of breathing to help you attain a deeper understanding of how the body utilizes proper gas exchanges. When the breath is slow and steady the lungs have optimal time to exchange fresh, healing oxygen for toxins and CO2. When the lungs are at optimal breath regulation the body is in perfect pH balance. Breathing techniques can increase vitality in every age population for a magnitude of reasons and uses. This course is designed for both individuals and health practitioners looking to add another element to their therapies.

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