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Maybe I’m just getting sentimental in my old age (39) but the last few days have seen me reflecting.  Not quite sure what brought it on but here I am.  Yes; I admit I am usually quite emotional but today more so.  This morning I teared up listening to the Kinky Boots  (song: Raise You Up) soundtrack!  Haha, even I have to laugh at myself for that one!  Every Wednesday I am about 40 minutes early to teach my morning yoga class; so I have started running the track for 20 allowing enough time to cool down and get settled to teach.  Every Wednesday I see this couple, they hold hands the entire time I run; them walking, talking, laughing.

40 years from now I want to be 80 and still holding hands. Able to laugh with my partner like school children.  To keep a smile on our faces as we reminisce.  Most importantly I want to be walking that track.  To be 80 and active.

So how do I ensure this graceful aging?  Never stop moving!  Every week for the last 3 years I have taught senior yoga.  Those that walk the track then come to my class for their cool down say they never stopped.  Keeping active, no matter what, through every tough time and illness, activity is what keeps them smiling and coming back to the track day after day over the years.  So I too will keep on.  I will teach and lead by example so that one day someone will stop dear hubby and I to ask to take our picture because we WILL be 90 and walking hand-in-hand.

In the mean time here’s a short and sweet sequence to help keep you moving!

Feel Great Yoga Sequence

I teach this sequence in my senior yoga class using a chair.  The first round is completed by coming into each posture and holding for 3 breaths.  This gives the body a chance to familiarize with the postures.  A chair is placed in front within reach so that when standing on one leg the practitioner is able to hold the chair to keep steady.  The chair is also used to lean on in the postures where we fold forward.

Once the sequence is completed slowly on each side we speed it up so that each posture is 1 half breath (i.e. inhale or exhale)

If you have trouble with balance or a heart condition the second posture where the leg reaches out behind for warrior III is done at more of an angle with the back leg lifting only an inch or 2 off the ground and the chest never comes below (or even with) the hips.

Yoga Sequence

Complete 3 to 5 cycles on each sides for a complete workout!  If you want a bit more you can go deeper into each posture to intensify the stretches.

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